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Extra Im - Gaec Tremaudan (22)

"We have been using EXTRA IM for 4 years and we are seeing a positive early growth (well start) in heifers that are tonic. The product is very appetizing and easily mixed with milk. Since we have been using EXTRAIM, we have dramatically reduced problems of diarrhea. Our main objective is to calve at 24 months and therefore have a good start of the heifers, limit diarrhea and above all have a good growth with animals having great appetite. These objectives have been achieved by obtaining beautiful heifers. Moreover, the merchant of veal notes that calves are tonic, healthy and have a beautiful coat. These calves have a good start in the farms in breeding calves (veals) for slaughter. "


Innovative treatment of water

Simple and effective solution to improve the water quality and the health

Thanks to this technology, there are more savings money and saving of time
and there are fewer technical problems (deposits, foulings, wear..),

Various applications: farms, cultures, private, hotel restaurant swimming pool, industries...

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