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Testimonials from breeders

Testimonials from breeders

GAEC Tremaudan at Plestan (22)

"’We use EXTRAIM for 5 years and we observe a good starting up on heifers with animals which are tonic. What is safe it is that the product is very appètent and mixes well in the milk. Since we use EXTRA IM, we clearly reduced the problems of diarrheas. Our main objective is to make a calving in 24 months and thus to have a good starting up of heifers, to limit diarrheas and especially to have a good growth with animals having good appetite. We reached these goals by obtaining beautiful heifers. Today we keep all the heifers and males leave in 10-15 days; it is calves who develop well and have a beautiful hair what appreciates the trader of calves. Furthermore, he notices that the calves are in good condition, tonic and start well in the breedings of calves of butcher's shop. With the product, heifers have good appetite and I obtain beautiful heifers only with some hay and some corn silage (very few granules)." 


Laurent Moreau (37) (650 chèvres, 1000 chevrettes) GOAT

''We have 650 goats and produce approximately 1000 young female goat. For these young female we noticed that EXTRA IM is a good antistress, that he opens the appetite, that there is an increase of the ingested in particular the unrefined food and that he consolidates the health of the animal.

For goats after birth we use EXTRA IM during the rise of milk and we noticed less stress after the birth, and that goats find very fast the appetite what allows a rise in production of faster milk and animals are better health.’’ 

GAEC Conty à Hotonnes (01) 1612

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