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Evimax company

Evimax offers innovative and sustainable solutions for animal production. 


  • Our approach : prevention rather than cure, it is often more economical and more efficient !
  • Our goal : help animals defend themselves especially during periods of stress. 
  • Our method : use a simple, efficient and reliable solution: complementary feed


Our solutions and our expertise : use a mixture of Specific Natural Polyphenols from plants that have many recognized beneficial properties : antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, helps against oxidative stress and boosts immunity, flora regulator, sensor of toxins...



The current situation and trends of livestock breeding:
Many farmers are confronted with the problems of sick animals : 

 - young animals are fragile and often have diarrhoea, parasitic or respiratory problems (Cryptosporidium, coccidia...),

 - adults experiencing physiological stress (giving birth, high productivity,...) or other (food transition, climate...) is more fragile and more susceptible to diseases.

These breeders often seek simple, cost-effective and efficient solutions. In addition, they increasingly prefer preventive solutions and natural products. 
In addition, the new regulations and the trend of the market encourage a decrease in antibiotics consumption.


Our response is to offer a complementary feed :

  • Effective for animals experiencing problems during periods of stress,
  • Vital, because these natural antioxidants from plants are necessary for animals,
  • Innovative by its mode of action and its new composition

for MAXimum results and profitability !



  • Effective 

Meet a need by improving technical and economic performances
Helping the weakest and acting mainly during periods of weakness, is being more effective.  


  • Vital : 

Produce environmentally friendly natural products for animal and men.
Give animals what they really need and help them have a digestive system in good working condition are essential actions for the proper functioning of the immune system and thus healthy animals.  


  • Innovative : 

Propose innovative products made from new materials that help animals. 
Propose a solution simple and easy to implement by the user : save time and money, it is our top priority.

Innovative treatment of water

Simple and effective solution to improve the water quality and the health

Thanks to this technology, there are more savings money and saving of time
and there are fewer technical problems (deposits, foulings, wear..),

Various applications: farms, cultures, private, hotel restaurant swimming pool, industries...

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