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FCA / GMP Certificate : Good practice management and manufacturing in the animal feed sector

Evimax brings all his attention on the quality of the raw materials used and the traceability of the products to guarantee our customers the quality of our products.


Evimax and its partners respect the quality standards as shown by the insurance certificate of the FCA / GMP quality (Feed Chain Alliance / Good Manufacturing Practices) guaranteeing the good manufacturing practices.

Certification animal feed that can be used in Organic Agriculture

Likewise, organic certification is awarded to a specific range of our products that can be used in organic farming.


The use of these natural products allows us to offer innovative solutions in accordance with the regulations of organic farming.


Innovative treatment of water

Simple and effective solution to improve the water quality and the health

Thanks to this technology, there are more savings money and saving of time
and there are fewer technical problems (deposits, foulings, wear..),

Various applications: farms, cultures, private, hotel restaurant swimming pool, industries...

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