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What for ? For healthy calves ! What for ? For healthy calves !

Prevent rather than cure : used in systematic prevention EXTRA IM promotes the early growth (well start) of calves and the optimum development of heifers, on which the future productivity of the fam relies. 

Having healthy calves, i.e.:
- energetics
- beautiful coat
- with more appetite
- with improved growth
less sick (including less diarrhea)
- better care efficiency = faster healing...


… it is the testimony of farmers giving EXTRA IM to young calves. 


All these findings are signs of a healthy animals !
… and so in term a more beautiful calf and a heifer better expressing its potential !


When and how to use EXTRA IM ? When and how to use EXTRA IM ?

Add and mix EXTRA IM in milk or food substitution from birth and every day until weaning (and even 5 days after weaning).
Recommended quantity: 10 g / calf / day (a pod) for a 40-50 kg calf.
In case of problems, double the amount for 2 to 4 days if necessary. 
Useful and effective to double the amount as prevention before and during feed transition and periods of stress: transport, climate change, health problems, etc...


EXTRA IM is sold as a brown powder with pleasant smell.
Appetizing for animals, EXTRA IM usually increases the amount of feed consumed. 


The addition of EXTRA IM does not require modification of the usual ration. Compatible with milk and milk powder. Can form a light deposit at the bottom of the bucket, new agitation help have it back in suspension.
NB: Do not to give a calf already constipated. Do not substitute for a treatment (seek advice from your veterinarian).


How does EXTRA IM work ? How does EXTRA IM work ?

EXTRA IM is a complementary feed rich in a mixed specific natural Polyphenols (antioxidant) which help to favourably influence  intestinal flora of animals and is condition of proper functioning of the immune system.  


Preventive :

To save time one must not lose any : if a calf is sick, it stops growing and lost time cannot be made up for (see FIDOCL Conseil Elevage 26):
'The weight at 6 months determines future dairy career performance and weighing 200 Kg at 6 months is strongly linked to the success of the milky phase. Any delay in growth [in the milky phase] cannot be caught, and will prevent reaching the 200 kg weight ! The utmost rigor is needed during this milky phase.' 

A successful milky phase is synonymous with a healthy calf (not sick), and a good growth that will make a 'beautiful calf' after weaning. However, a productive heifers farm must produce at the lowest cost future dairy cows capable of undergoing several lactations and good level milking processes without recurring health problems.

Mode of action :
Instead of external assistance to  fight a specific aggressor, our approach is to help animals to defend themselves (internally), to increase their capacity to defend themselves in a comprehensive manner against any aggression.


Place of action :
Most of the exchanges take place in the digestive system (absorption of nutrients...) enabling animals to eat, live, defend themselves, grow and put on weight. 
It is also in the digestive system that lies most of the activity of the immune system
EXTRA IM acts first in the digestive system but also on the immune system (strong antioxidant).  


For more information, see the testimonies or contact us.


How much does EXTRA IM cost and how much is the return on investment ? How much does EXTRA IM cost and how much is the return on investment ?

EXTRA IM you both secures the Milky phase and invest in a nice Heifer.  Economic and efficient, EXTRA IM aims to improve the general condition of the animal (male calf, heifer, feeder, veal calves...), the return on investment is clearly visible : try and work it out !...  

For more information, see the testimonies or contact us.


Packaging and preservation  Packaging and preservation

4 and 15kg buckets, 25kg bag.

Store away from light, in a cool and dry place away from heat source.

Keeps 24 months in its original packing from the date of manufacture.  


For a dairy farming:

First test: use a 4 kg bucket and give to 6 heifers from birth to weaning: then compare these heifers at weaning with control animals that were not fed with EXTRA IM. 

You have 50 cows, ie 50 calves / year (with 50% females), your annual consumption will approximately be 20 kg / year for EXTRA IM.


Technical information and test results Technical information and test results

Results of several studies on calves :
Compared to the control group, the group having taken this product shows :
- improvement of the consistency of manure
- a lack of blood in faeces
- better efficiency of care and drug treatment
- a decrease in care and drug therapies requirements


Different studies in controlled farms (followed by veterinarians comparing batches of control animals with others getting the product), numerous testimonies of breeders and the experience of several years on hundreds of thousands of calves for breeding and slaughter have all highlighted the same trends and beneficial effects of the product :
- early growth made easier (start-up) (less stress for animals... and breeder)
- faster healing of animals (synergy with drugs) (about 2 times more)
- less treatments (in the broad sense, including antibiotics) required (about 2 times less)
- less deaths (a few %)
- better growth (ADG and improved consumption index)
- profitable (positive economic gain) for the breeder who earns several times its investment.


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Innovative treatment of water

Simple and effective solution to improve the water quality and the health

Thanks to this technology, there are more savings money and saving of time
and there are fewer technical problems (deposits, foulings, wear..),

Various applications: farms, cultures, private, hotel restaurant swimming pool, industries...

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